15 Things To Do While High and Stoned

15 Activities To Enjoy While Smoking Pot

Smoking pot can be its own reward. Simply mindlessly zoning out and relaxing is an ample reward in this high-pressure world, but there are many other ways to enjoy getting high. In fact, there are many good ways to enjoy getting high by planning out things to do before firing up. By taking action to plan out an activity before enjoying a marijuana high, a person can greatly improve his or her experience enjoying the effects of cannabis.

Feeling Music

While high, people do more than just listen to music: they experience it. A good buzz, a dark room and some killer tunes is a delight for all the senses. Music can be felt striking the body and it can be seen by the mind in dreamy sequences. From classical masterpieces to modern hits, almost any type of music can be better appreciated under the influence of quality pot. Songs that are deep and meaningful should also be enjoyed while stoned. A preplanned soundtrack may be the best way to go. A person can pick out 10 or 20 songs from a specific genre and sit back and relax.

Enjoy a Movie

There are some movies that are obvious winners when a person is high. The old Cheech and Chong movies, The Big Lebowski and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are just a few that quickly come to mind. However, almost any movie is great to watch stoned. The silent horror movies, Hitchcock, 80s comedies, Disney movies, there are almost endless possibilities. Watching a movie stoned opens up new layers for enjoyment. The psychological thrillers can be mind blowing, the monsters even more terrifying and the sad movies may make a person soak a shirt with tears. Even terrible movies are pretty good when high, especially those cheesy sci-fi flicks that always seem to on some obscure cable network.

Go For a Hike

The outdoors is one of the greatest gifts for modern humans. The sights, sounds, smells and feel of the outdoors can produce a natural high of euphoria. But enjoying nature with the natural boost of marijuana can be a transcendental experience that should not be missed. The flowers twinkle, the trees wave and the wind whispers, being high outdoors is simply a great adventure. Even simple joys such as watching ants can be enthralling. The changing seasons and times of the day constanyl bring about new experiences to be enjoyed. Of course, a person needs to be careful not to get lost permanently, but getting lost in the woods for a few hours is one of the best ways to enjoy a high.

Dive In

For those wanting to take an outdoor high to the next level, dive into the water. Swimming while high provides an experience like no other. The water firmly holds and caresses the body in way that is impossible to describe. The ocean adds another level as the crashing waves and hot sun provide an ever-changing array of sensations. Not to be a buzz kill, but there needs to be buddy along for the trip who can make sure that the water is enjoyed safely. Drowning is primarily a concern in the ocean or a stream with a swift current, but safety should always be a prime concern as there are always more highs to enjoy. The use of sunscreen and drinking plenty of water is also important as the sun can quickly burn skin or cause dehydration.

Visit an Amusement Park

Amusements parks are wonderful places to enjoy a high. Flashing lights, buzzers, mouthwatering food odors and endless action is enough to make getting high even more fun. However, the true reason to get high at an amusement park are the rides. Riding a roller coaster high will vastly enhance the experience. Riding high can be especially beneficial for those who spend the whole ride terrified. Being high may reduce the fear and allow the person to enjoy the ride. From wicked fast coasters to leisurely log rides, every ride in the park will be better when the rider is high. Obviously, to avoid getting sick, a person should eat sparingly before riding roller coasters high.

Be Creative

Mind altering substances of one kind of another have been said to have influenced some of the most creative people of all time including Van Gogh, Hemmingway and Warhol. Marijuana opens the mind to thinking and seeing in a way that often isn't possible sober. Whether a person likes to draw, write, compose, paint or create in any other way, doing so high can allow him or her to create in an all new way. Using marijuana while making art can also help the artist to overcome the fear that is holding them back from making something new and wonderful. Even those who don't think that they have any creative talents can enjoy art while high. It is even possible that a person will discover a talent he or she didn't even know existed.

Make Music

There are few things in life as enriching as learning to play an instrument and creating music. There are scores of inexpensive guitars and free online educational videos to help a person get started making music. No matter how small a person's budget might be, it is possible for anyone to learn to play an instrument. Just like creating art, creating music while high takes the experience to a different level. The hands, body and instrument become one creating sonic vibrations that thrill the soul. However, listening to some good music that is heavy on drums and banging away on anything that is available also counts as making music. Making music doesn't require expensive equipment and years of practice. A person needs to start where they are and enjoy the process.

Working Out

Though getting high and getting fit may not seem like they go together, the truth is that they both complement each other very well. Both marijuana and exercise release endorphins in the brain that provide a euphoric feeling. Being high also focuses the mind on the body's response to exercise. A person who is high will feel that one drop of sweat gently rolling down his or her back, that tightness in the right triceps muscle and every other small factor that might otherwise be overlooked. Marijuana brownies are ideal for a workout. They provide a long-lasting high that can last throughout an entire workout routine. Brownies are especially good as many gyms frown on members firing up on the treadmill.


It can be difficult to meditate while sober. There is always something to distract a person from the simple task of sitting and contemplating nothing. Medical science has shown that there are many health benefits to meditation. Lower blood pressure, less depression and anxiety and better sleep are just some of the benefits of meditation. While meditating sober can be difficult, meditating while high is shockingly easy. A deep inhalation of marijuana and the relaxing feeling of it settling into the lungs can bring upon that inner peace that is needed for deep meditation. A dark, quiet space is best, but with some good bud a person can meditate just about anywhere. Meditating while high will not only help a person to become calmer while he or she is high, the calming mental benefits of meditation will last far after the high has worn off.

Talk With a Philosopher

Anyone who has never enjoyed the philosophic thoughts that marijuana produces is simply doing it wrong. The deep conversations on the meaning of life, the existence of aliens or the need for wall paper are all part of the getting high experience. Though most people do not know a professional philosopher, everyone is an expert on living their own life. Marijuana brings out of the deep thoughts that people lock away as they are afraid of making a fool of themselves or simply bearing too much of their soul. Two friends discussing the events of the day while stoned will drift into areas of thought and consciousness that the wisest people in the Ivy League schools could never imagine. A good conversation occurs in small numbers, larger groups don't allow each individual enough time to clearly articulate his or her own thoughts and beliefs.

Pick Up a Book

Reading has become somewhat old fashioned in this age of video, but reading still has a key role to play in the educational and entertainment world. Whether a person is reading one of the classics of literature or an old issue of MAD magazine, reading while high will be a new experience. One of the best parts of reading is that it is open to interpretation in many ways. While high, the ability to imagine the world being explored in the book is even more limitless. In fact, a reader who is high may have various interpretations of the same thing at the same time. The feel of a book in the hands is further enhanced while enjoying the effects of marijuana.

Eat New Foods

Exploring the food world is another common activity for those who are high. But there is more to life than eating Skittles and doughnuts, though there isn't anything wrong with those foods. A person should check out the local produce section and try a selection of foods that he or she would otherwise pass up. Or a person can try a new restaurant or at least order a new food item off the menu at a favorite restaurant. The point is to let the taste buds enjoy a new sensation. In addition, many people may find that they enjoy a food high that they don't like sober or vice-versa. When a person is high and hungry, a range of foods and spices can provide hours of entertainment and enlightenment.

Bathe High

Though getting high in the tub or shower may not sound too exciting, it can be a rewarding activity. Enjoying a soak in a warm tub while high can create an extremely relaxing experience. Some soft music, a good book and a bowl can make even the dingiest bathroom seem like a luxurious spa. Conversely, getting high before a shower can be exhilarating. The hot pulsating water is visually fascinating, soothing to hear and provides a range of physical sensations. Bathing high with another person will also add another dimension to an already wonderful experience.

Trade Massages

A massage is always a relaxing and often erotic experience. However, giving and receiving a massage while high heightens the senses and amplifies the sensual nature of the massage. The use of warm scented oils further adds layers to the experience. Being high helps to calm the nerves and the muscles, helping both people to be in the moment and enjoy every touch. In addition to feeling calmer, the calming effects of the marijuana can lessen joint pain and muscle fatigue, allowing a person to give a better massage high than he or she would sober. A calm environment and some candlelight can further improve the total experience.

Make Love

Though meditation and massages are great, there is nothing more sensual than making love. From innocent touching to gentle foreplay to actual intercourse, every moment of making love can be better while high. The relaxing effects of marijuana is often enough to calm the nerves of both parties and to improve lovemaking both physically and emotionally. However, the physical effects of marijuana can lead to mind altering orgasms. As every touch, kiss and caress is magnified by marijuana, sex is often infinitely better high than when sober. Of course, a single person can also enjoy the sexual euphoria that marijuana can provide, but it is generally more fun with a partner.

These are just 15 of the many different activities that a person can enjoy while getting high. The truth is that there are an endless number of activities that can be enjoyed with marijuana. In fact, one of the best ways to come up new things to do while high, is simply to get high.