Can You Buy CBD in Alabama? Is CBD illegal in Alabama?

As of 8/25/2018, the date of this article being published, the answer is no. Only people who with debilitating illnesses and are involved in an approved study (with the oil containing .3% THC or less), can use it.

CBD oil is a derivative of the cannabis plant, and currently is regulated in Alabama. Even though other parts of the country it is starting to become decriminalized, it is still an issue in Alabama. In recently posted articles, the state government has come out against CBD - claiming it is unlawful for someone to possess it, or distribute it.

With that being said, if you intend on purchasing CBD products like cbd oil, edibles, etc, you should be wary of state regulations before doing so. Due to the recent attention being paid to CBD on a national scale, the state of Alabama has seen increased activity. Now, state officials are announcing a crackdown on CBD oil.

Many convenience stores are selling CBD oil items in Alabama. They are still illegal, and if you purchase them - you could be arrested/cited as well.

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