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Nevada MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

February 24, 20245 min read


MCA Defense Business Debt Relief: Settling Your Merchant Cash Advance Debt

Merchant cash advances (MCAs) can provide quick capital when your business needs it. But their high rates and aggressive collection tactics can bury small companies in unsustainable debt. If your business took an MCA and is now struggling under the weight of payments and fees, Delancey Street can help.Our dedicated debt experts have settled millions in small business debts. We can negotiate with your MCA lender to reduce what you owe. This can lower your payments to affordable levels, while protecting your business assets.

Why Work With Us

  • Free consultation – We’ll review your full financials to gauge the scope of owed debts and shape a custom relief strategy.
  • Debt settlement expertise – Our trained negotiators know how to deal with MCA lenders and have a strong record settling these debts.
  • Full legal support – If lenders won’t cooperate, our network of attorneys can compel them to negotiate in good faith.
  • Business preservation – By lowering payments, we help struggling companies stabilize finances so they can recover and grow.
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Our Simple 3 Step Process

Settling MCA debt takes expertise, leverage, and rigorous documentation. We simplify this into three transparent steps:

  1. Financial ReviewWe’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your business finances to understand cash flows, assets, debts owed, and current MCA payment levels. This allows us to gauge what settlement deals are viable.
  2. Settlement NegotiationOur trained debt experts will directly engage your MCA lender and negotiate firmly using legal channels if needed. The goal is settling your balance at a 30-50% discount.
  3. New Payment PlanOnce we secure a settlement, we will structure a new payment plan aligned with your cash flows. This protects your business as debts shift from destructive to manageable.

Why Merchant Cash Advances Can Be Risky

Merchant cash advances provide fast capital injections using your future sales as collateral. This flexibility allows many businesses to bridge short-term cash crunches.But there are downsides to MCAs:

  • Extremely high equivalent interest rates, often exceeding 50%+ APR
  • Rapid paydown terms that take large shares of daily credit card sales
  • Abusive collection tactics like accessing bank accounts or threatening owners’ personal assets

This perfect storm can drain cash flow quickly. Many businesses find MCA payments consuming 30-50% of sales, far more than projected. This makes it impossible to stay current on the aggressive payment schedule.Before you know it, you face default threats and the very real risk of bankruptcy or litigation.

How We Defend Your Business

If relentless MCA payments have your enterprise on the brink, Delancey Street provides experienced advocacy and debt relief.Our hands on approach includes:

  • In-depth financial review – We diagnose weaknesses in cash flow, profits and losses, debts and assets that explain the current distress.
  • Document gathering – To dispute lender claims and prove unmanageable hardship, gathering full documentation is essential.
  • Settlement negotiation – Leveraging documentation and legal channels, we negotiate discounted lump-sum payoffs. This typically saves 30-50% off balances owed.
  • Payment restructuring – Based on your stabilized finances post-settlement, we create affordable payment plans that work for your business.
  • Ongoing support – We monitor the new payment program and provide counsel to ensure you meet terms while recovering strength.
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The end goal is simple – slash your MCA burden so your business can thrive again.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

If unrelenting merchant cash advance debts have your enterprise struggling, Delancey Street has the expertise, leverage and experience to help. Contact us for a free financial review and custom debt relief strategy. Our dedicated advisors are ready to answer your questions and outline options.The first step to freeing your company is an open and honest conversation. We understand the strain of business debt and know the relief solutions that work. Reach out now to start settling your MCA burden.


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