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Oakland MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

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Oakland MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

If you run a small business in Oakland and have found yourself struggling with overwhelming business debt, know that you have options and there are experts who can help. At Delancey Street, we specialize in providing customized debt relief solutions for business owners, combining legal expertise with financial planning to help our clients regain control of their finances.

How We Can Help With Your Business Debt

Our team includes attorneys experienced with the intricacies of MCA loans and other small business lending products. We take a holistic approach, looking not just at your current debts but your overall financial situation, goals, and needs. Services we provide include:

  • Debt Settlement – We negotiate with your lenders to reduce your balances and create affordable payment plans. Many MCA loans and business debts settle for 40-60% less than what is owed.
  • Improving Cash Flow – We help analyze your finances to find areas where costs can be reduced or profits increased to improve cash flow. This makes debt payments more manageable.
  • Credit Repair – Damaged business credit can be rebuilt over time through careful financial management. We help create a customized plan.
  • Tax Planning – Tax obligations related to debt cancellation, settlement amounts, or changes in business structure need to be properly handled to avoid penalties.
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While every situation is unique, our goal is always the same – to provide struggling business owners with customized solutions that help relieve the burden of overwhelming debt and allow you to look towards a healthier financial future.

Common Small Business Lending Traps

Many business owners turn to alternative lending products like merchant cash advances (MCAs) out of necessity when traditional bank loans are unavailable. However, these loans often involve predatory terms and can quickly spiral out of control. Some of the most common “traps” include:

  • Deceptively High Interest Rates – While MCA companies advertise attractive features like no credit checks and fast funding, their effective annualized interest rates often exceed 100%.
  • Overreliance on Bank Account/Credit Card Receipts – MCA loans allow lenders to access a percentage of a business’s incoming receipts or transactions until the balance is repaid. This can drain cash flow quickly.
  • Lack of Transparency – Statements often don’t clearly reflect how much is being rapidly deducted in fees and interest versus principal reduction.

While business financing can be necessary at times, it is critical to partner with experts who can help navigate these “traps” and find solutions to alleviate debt burdens when they become unmanageable.

Legal Defenses Against Predatory Lenders

When facing collections or legal action from predatory small business lenders, borrowers do have certain rights and defenses at their disposal. While laws vary by state, potential claims could include:

  • Unconscionability – If loan terms are deemed “unconscionably” unfair or one-sided, courts may refuse to enforce them. Factors considered include interest rates, fees, repayment terms, and more.
  • Usury Violations – Each state sets maximum allowable interest rate caps which lenders cannot legally exceed. Usury claims can result in debt balances being reduced.
  • Deceptive Practices – Predatory lenders often use deceptive marketing, fail to properly disclose terms, or obscure how balances will amortize. Such practices may violate consumer protection laws.
  • Breach of Contract – If lenders violate terms spelled out in the initial loan agreement, this could constitute breach of contract. Borrowers can sue for damages or to invalidate the debt.
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Securitizing – Securitizing MCA loans provides capital for lending but incentives maximizing volume over loan qualityOverreliance – This manifests through overreliance on limited data, ignoring total debt obligations, and rushing due diligenceWhile complex, these potential claims demonstrate why struggling borrowers need experienced legal guidance. Our team can assess the specifics of your situation and fight back against predatory lenders.

What Makes Us Different

Delancey Street takes an empathetic, customized, full-service approach to helping business owners overcome debt burdens. What sets us apart includes:

1. Combining Legal and Financial Expertise – Our unique structure brings together attorneys, financial planners, and debt specialists under one roof to address client needs from all angles.

2. Customer Service Focus – Each client has a dedicated case manager available to answer questions and provide hands-on support throughout their journey back to financial health.

3. Non-Profit Model – As a non-profit organization, our mission is to simply help as many people as possible, not maximize profits. This allows us to provide very competitive rates.

4. Results-Oriented – Our ultimate measure of success is our ability to reduce clients’ debt balances and monthly payments to affordable levels so they can move forward.While paying off overwhelming business debt seems daunting, take heart in knowing Delancey Street has a proven track record of delivering life-changing results for small business owners nationwide

Contact us today at 212-210-1851 for a free consultation or visit to learn more. Our team is standing by and ready to help you regain financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of business debt do you address?

We help clients address all types of business lending products including merchant cash advances (MCAs), business loans, lines of credit, factoring arrangements, credit cards, and more.

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What does the process look like?

  • Initial consultation to review your situation
  • Collect documentation and review details of accounts
  • Negotiate with lenders for reduced payoff amounts
  • Set up affordable payment plans if balances cannot be settled entirely
  • Provide ongoing support for improved financial management

How long does it take to resolve debts?

Every situation is unique, but many of our clients achieve a significant reduction of their debt burden within the first 6 months. Rebuilding credit and financial health is an ongoing process.

Can really high-interest MCA loans be settled?

Yes – even loans with extremely high interest rates can typically be settled for 40-60% less than the total amount the lenders claim is owed. The process may take several months but it is possible.Still have questions? Reach out at 212-210-1851 or Our experts are happy to discuss your specific situation and options for relief in more detail


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