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Pennsylvania MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

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Pennsylvania MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

If you run a small business in Pennsylvania and are struggling with debt, there are options available to find relief. Business debt can become overwhelming, but the right help can set you on the path towards financial stability.Our website, Delancey Street, provides customized debt relief services to business owners through a combination of debt restructuring, settlements, and financing solutions. We have extensive experience helping companies resolve tax liens, judgements, collection lawsuits and more. Our team can provide the expertise needed to analyze your situation and advocate on your behalf.

How Can a Business Debt Relief Company Help?

  • Conduct a Free Evaluation – We start by learning about your unique situation through a free, no-obligation evaluation. This allows us to gauge the severity and types of business debt you have.
  • Negotiate with Creditors – Our team has years of experience negotiating debt settlements with creditors. We leverage our expertise to negotiate reduced payoffs or restructured payment plans.
  • Settle Tax Debt – If back taxes are burdening your business, we can negotiate settlements or installment plans with state and federal tax authorities.
  • Stop Harassing Calls & Lawsuits – Once you begin working with us, creditors and collectors must communicate directly with our office. This greatly reduces the harassment from phone calls and letters.
  • Avoid Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy can have long-term consequences for small business owners. We have a track record of resolving tax and business debt while avoiding business bankruptcy.
  • Improve Cash Flow – By reducing and restructuring your debt payments through us, you free up capital to reinvest in your business.
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Common Questions Pennsylvania Business Owners Have

Many business owners in Pennsylvania have questions about business debt relief before seeking help. Here are some of the most common concerns:Does business debt settlement affect my personal credit?

  • No. When we perform debt settlement and negotiation, it is contained to the business accounts and creditors. Your personal score will be unaffected.

What types of business debts do you address?

  • All types – we handle tax debt, judgements, collection lawsuits, credit cards, medical debt, contracts, and business loans including merchant cash advances.

Is business debt relief more affordable than bankruptcy?

  • Yes, our services are a fraction of the cost of filing business bankruptcy. Plus debt settlement avoids the long-term consequences.

Can you stop my wages or bank accounts from being garnished?

  • Yes! Once your enrollment paperwork is processed, we send notifications to courts and creditors that we are now your authorized representative. This is usually enough to halt garnishments.

How long does business debt relief take to resolve my debts?

  • Most of our clients achieve financial stability within 12-24 months. However, the process can be faster or slower depending on the specifics of your debt portfolio.

Our Team Can Serve as Your MCA Defense Lawyers

A very common debt small businesses take on is a merchant cash advance (MCA). While MCAs provide quick financing, they come with dangerously high interest rates and aggressive collection tactics when payments fall behind.Our extensive legal resources can provide defense against MCA creditors. We will conduct a complete evaluation of your situation to determine illegitimate collection practices. Our MCA defense lawyers can then build a case against violations and negotiate a reduced settlement.

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Common MCA Abuses Our Business Defense Lawyers Fight Against

Merchant cash advance lenders often engage in predatory tactics to recover their investments. Our team can provide legal defenses against the following:

  • Deceptive Marketing – Many MCA companies misrepresent terms and fail to adequately disclose interest rates and fees. We can argue false pretenses.
  • Aggressive Collections – When payments are late, MCA collectors often harass business owners through calls, letters, emails, and threats. These extreme measures violate federal law.
  • Unjust Lawsuits – MCA lenders frequently file frivolous lawsuits for sums that exceed legal limits or the signed contract. Our lawyers can counter their arguments and evidence in court.
  • Illegal Garnishments – In some cases, MCA companies unlawfully attempt to garnish wages or freeze bank accounts without proper judgment. We can prevent asset seizure.
  • Breach of Contract – If the MCA agreement included a personal guarantee requiring the business owner’s personal assets as collateral, there may be grounds to argue breach of contract limitations depending on state laws.
  • Punitive Damages – If MCA collections involved libel, slander, or damage to your reputation, you may have a claim for punitive damages in addition to debt invalidation.

Recovering from small business debt in Pennsylvania can feel hopeless, but our team provides effective legal and financial solutions. We have experience serving as MCA defense lawyers to protect company owners from predatory lenders.With a combination of expertise across debt relief, debt settlement, and legal defenses – we have the ability to resolve your debt and stop unlawful collections.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive business debt relief services using a customized, client-focused approach. We understand every business faces unique challenges, which is why our evaluations and solutions are tailored to your specific situation.In addition to financial reconciliation, we always advocate on your behalf with creditors and debt collectors. Our team handles the communication and negotiations for you, acting as your legal representatives if unfair practices arise.We aim to not only resolve your current debts, but also position your business for future success by improving cash flow. Our ultimate goal is your complete financial freedom.

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Contact Our Team for a Free Consultation

If you are a business owner in Pennsylvania struggling with debt, contact our dedicated experts for a free evaluation:Phone: 212-210-1851Email: info@delanceystreet.comOur consultations are completely free and non-obligatory. We will review your situation, answer all questions, and provide recommendations tailored to your needs.You do not have to continue facing business debt alone – our team can provide the legal and financial expertise needed to secure relief. We serve clients nationwide.


Q: What does a business debt relief company do? A: A business debt relief company works on a business owner’s behalf to reduce, negotiate, settle, and restructure outstanding debt obligations from creditors, collection agencies, and in some cases state/federal tax authorities.

Q: What are the benefits of business debt settlement/relief? A: Benefits include stopping creditor harassment, halting lawsuits & wage garnishments, reducing total payoff amounts, making debts more affordable through customized repayment plans, avoiding bankruptcy, and improving cash flow.
Q: What types of results can I expect from working with a business debt relief company? A: Most clients achieve financial stability within 12-24 months through some combination of negotiated debt reductions, altered repayment terms, settled tax debt, and dismissed collection lawsuits. In general, clients save 40-60% off total balances.
Q: Can a business debt relief company help with commercial loans or merchant cash advances? A: Yes, business debt relief services address all types of business loans and financing agreements. This includes commercial loans from banks/lenders as well as alternative products like merchant cash advances.
Q: I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. What should I do? A: The first step is requesting a free consultation with a business debt relief provider. They will conduct an initial assessment and provide specific recommendations tailored to your situation. An expert will determine what solutions are viable based on a review of all outstanding debts.
Q: Are business debt relief services expensive compared to bankruptcy? A: No, professional business debt relief from a settlement company costs a fraction of bankruptcy attorney fees. Plus debt settlement avoids the long-term consequences to your business’s credit rating and ability to access affordable financing options.

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