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23704396 Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Discover the Beauty and Power of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

If you’re searching for a gemstone that’s both alluring and profound in meaning, you might want to take a closer look at the blue sapphire, popularly known as Neelam in India. Widely appreciated for its striking blue hue that has often been compared to the peacock’s neck, this gemstone is mined in various countries worldwide.

Mining Locations and Quality

The Indian town of Ratanpur, the city of Gonda, and the northwestern region of Kashmir are the main mining areas in India for Neelam sapphire. Sri Lanka or Ceylon, on the other hand, is renowned for producing the most exquisitely colored, vibrant blue sapphires that boast excellent clarity and shine, commanding high prices worldwide. In Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a prime location for Burmese Neelam or blue sapphire, while Montana in America is famous for darker-colored blue sapphires that are mesmerizing and captivating. Russian Neelam sapphires, though of limited quality, are also available, while the highest quality stones are usually found in Australia, primarily in Queensland and New South.

Why is Neelam Sapphire Special?

What sets the blue sapphire apart from other gemstones is its dark blue color, which evokes a sense of royalty and power. In Vedic astrology, which reveres the influence of stars and planets in people’s lives, blue sapphire is considered the most potent of all the Navgraha gemstones due to its association with the planet Saturn. Additionally, the gemstone is believed to bring happiness, health, success, and peace to its wearer.

The Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

In astrological circles, Neelam sapphire is highly valued due to its positive influences on the wearer’s life. According to spiritual advisors, wearing the gemstone encourages harmonious energies and brings good luck, making it ideal to wear on Saturday mornings. While the stone is best set in silver, the advisors recommend wearing it on the right hand’s middle finger, as it symbolizes Saturn’s healthy energies.

Apart from its astrological benefits, wearing Neelam sapphire offers several health benefits. It is believed to help people with neurological conditions, stress and anxiety-related disorders, depression, and various digestive problems. In terms of spiritual benefits, the blue sapphire promotes mental clarity and clears confusion and doubt, enabling people to make better decisions even amidst unclear thought patterns. The gemstone also fosters better focus, inner strength, and introspection, promoting self-realization.

Moreover, Neelam sapphire invites fortunes and blessings, bringing wealth, fame, and protection from any danger. It is said to shield its wearer from theft, accidents, and other calamities, instilling courage and resilience at all times. So, if you’re seeking peace of mind, prosperity, and protection, wearing Neelam sapphire may just be the solution you need.

Reasons to Invest in Neelam Sapphire

Neelam sapphire is a beloved gemstone not only for its exquisite beauty but also for its profound symbolism, making it a wise investment. It’s a durable, scratch-resistant stone that can last for generations, making it an ideal gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Its timeless beauty and associations with spiritual and astrological benefits make it a fascinating stone to wear and admire.

**Table – Mining regions and their Quality**

|Region|Mining Criteria|Gemstone Quality|
|India (Ratanpur, Gonda, Kashmir) |Blue sapphire of the Neelam variety |Lower to Medium |
|Sri Lanka or Ceylon|Blue sapphire (Neelam) |Excellent |
|Southeast Asia (Myanmar)|Burmese Neelam or blue sapphire |Good |
|Montana, America|Darker-colored blue sapphires |Captivating and Alluring |
|Russia|Mining is limited |Average |
|Australia (Queensland and New South)| Blue sapphires of various hues|Highest Quality|

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