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Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline: Experience the Power of Healing and Prosperity

Blue Tourmaline, also known as Indicolite, is a majestic gemstone with an enchanting indigo blue color. Every jewelry designer and gem collector highly regards it because it is the rarest among all Tourmaline crystals. The cost of Blue Tourmaline gems depends on many factors, such as weight, clarity, cut, and color, ranging from $50 to $6,500 or more.

If you are looking for high-quality Blue Tourmaline, it is best to explore its origins. Brazil is the hub of the most magnificent blue stones because of their exceptional color and luster. You can also find Blue Tourmaline mines in the United States, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

Healing Qualities of Blue Tourmaline

Among many irreplaceable qualities, Blue Tourmaline is widely known for its healing properties. People who suffer from anxiety and depression can find solace in this gemstone. It provides a warm healing energy that brings peace and happiness to the wearer. This gemstone is also known to aid the healing of digestive and respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, the same warm characteristics found in Blue Tourmaline that relieve emotional distress help alleviate migraines, headaches, and eye infections.

Blissful Financial Growth

Blue Tourmaline is also believed to play a crucial role in bringing wealth and prosperity to one’s life. If you keep it close to you during meditation or prayer, it can help you experience financial growth in your life, making it an ideal gemstone for those facing financial stress.

Sharpen Self-Awareness and Intuition with Blue Tourmaline

In the art of Chakra Healing, Blue Tourmaline serves to stimulate the “Third-Eye Chakra” and “Throat Chakra.” This activation allows the wearer to delve inward and gain clear insight into themselves and those around them. This gemstone also releases positive energy, boosting confidence levels in people who use it.

Improvement in Relationships

Therapists use gems, including Blue Tourmaline, to restore harmony in relationships. Blue Tourmaline is commonly used in sessions to help the wearer be more accepting and open to the differences of others. It is an ideal gemstone for those who work in highly social environments.

Reasons to Buy Blue Tourmaline

Apart from the astounding benefits, Blue Tourmaline offers; a few other reasons make it a preferred choice among gemstones. For one, it serves as a birthstone for those born in October, making it the perfect birthday gift for them. It is also an 8th-year anniversary gift, given its relationship-improving properties.

In conclusion, Blue Tourmaline is an exceptional gemstone that boasts undeniable beauty and incredible healing properties. With its unique coloration and rarity, it is a treasure valued by many. Whether gifted or bought for personal use, Blue Tourmaline is a wise investment that combines both beauty and functionality. Why wait? Get yourself a piece of this magnificent gemstone to enjoy its bountiful benefits!

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