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Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal: A Natural Wonder with Healing Properties

The beauty of gemstones continues to mesmerize people with their sheer elegance and charm. Boulder Opal, one of the rarest gemstones on earth, holds a special place among gem lovers due to its unique features. Its array of colors and natural origin make it a highly desirable gemstone for jewelry making. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies related to boulder opals, including their origin, meaning, benefits, and how to differentiate a real gemstone from a fake.

Boulder Opal: Origin and Characteristics that Set It Apart

Boulder opal, as the name indicates, contains traces of ironstone and is known for its dark appearance. It is a combination of two minerals: opal and ironstone. Due to the presence of iron oxide and carbon, it displays vivid colors and intriguing patterns that make it an ideal choice for jewelry making. The water content in boulder opal ranges between 3% and 21%. It is known for its rarity and can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Among the places where boulder opals can be found, Australia is a standout location. The Koroit, Winton field, Quilpie field, and Yowah areas produce some of the highest quality boulder opals across the globe. There are other places like the United States and Africa, where boulder opals can also be found, but those are mainly preferred by collectors due to their poor quality. So, if you are interested in purchasing one for jewelry making, consider boulder opals from Australia, which offer unrivaled quality.

Boulder Opal: Meaning and Benefits

Boulder opal has been popular across many cultures for its healing properties. It is the birthstone for individuals born in October and is believed to bring luck to them. This gemstone balances an individual’s root and crown chakras and promotes a healthy mental state. Ancient societies have used it for centuries to help individuals discover their creativity and assist them in achieving their goals. It is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and power and strengthens an individual’s will.

Purchasing Genuine Boulder Opal

One of the big issues with buying boulder opals is telling the difference between real and fake. Many people have been tricked into buying fake gemstones at the price of real ones. Here are a few tips to help you identify genuine boulder opals. Real boulder opals usually display a dark color, which can range from black, dark blue, green, or grey. The color should be consistent throughout the stone, and it should display an array of colors. The stone’s cut and origin also play an important role in determining its authenticity. A real boulder opal would be finely cut, and the origin would be from the areas we mentioned earlier.

Where to Purchase Boulder Opal

Purchasing boulder opals can be a daunting task due to its rarity. However, online stores offer a convenient way of accessing genuine boulder opals at affordable prices. Before making any purchase, make sure to research the dealer and confirm their reputation. You could also consider asking for help in identifying real boulder opals to ensure you get value for your money.


Boulder opal’s beauty, unique features, rarity, origin, and healing properties are among the reasons it is highly sought after. Its dark color, array of colors, and intriguing patterns make it an ideal choice for jewelry making. So, if you are looking for something special to add to your collection or for a gift, boulder opals are a perfect choice. Make sure to confirm their authenticity to avoid buying fake gemstones. Purchase from reputable dealers who are trusted in dealing with genuine boulder opals. Experience the beauty and magnetic aura of boulder opals today!

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