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Cats Eye Opal

Cats Eye Opal: A Rare and Unique Gemstone for the Bold and Daring

Opals are awe-inspiring, and cats eye opals are perhaps the rarest and most unique of all opals. With mesmerizing chatoyancy, this gemstone is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. A good quality cats eye opal is expensive, but it’s worth every penny. The most sought-after stones are from Australia, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Cats Eye Opal: A Rare and Unique Look
A gemstone that is made up of only about 5% mineral and 95% water, opal is one of the most delightful stones that you can lay your eyes on. Its play of colors is mesmerizing and can be surprising, making each stone unique. But nothing can beat the allure of the cats eye opal. Created by included fibers or particles in the stone that reflect light in a unique way, this gemstone has an otherworldly elegance that is enchanting.

Named after its chatoyant effect, which resembles the slit-eye of a cat, cats eye opal has a noteworthy appearance that is beguiling. As a matter of fact, the most desired cats eye opals are those that display a prominent and distinctive chatoyancy with a rich body color. These stones are the most expensive gems in the world, with a few selling for a whopping $1 million. One such stone is the Aurora Australis, which is a blue-green cat’s eye opal weighing 1760 carats, found in Lightning Ridge, Australia, in 1938.

Cats Eye Opals – A Wealth of Benefits
Cats Eye Opal doesn’t just look good, but it also has numerous well-being benefits. Wearing this exceptional gemstone is alleged to bring good luck and good fortune. But that is not all, some of the other benefits it offers include:

– Enhancing creativity
– Boosting self-assurance
– Improving mental clarity
– Promoting peace and tranquility
– Reducing stress levels and anxiety

Discovering the Benefits – How to Use Cats Eye Opal
Want to experience the benefits of cats eye opal? Whether you’re a believer in the esoteric properties of gemstones or not, you can still benefit from using it as fashion jewelry. You can wear a ring, pendant, or earrings made of cats eye opal. Alternatively, you can keep it close to you in a pocket or on a nightstand. For those who believe in the healing properties of minerals, you can use cats eye opal to make a gem elixir by placing it in water overnight, then drinking or using the water to rinse your face or eyes.

Cats Eye Opal – Care and Maintenance
Keep in mind that opals are relatively fragile gemstones, so you must handle them with care. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth are the best things to clean cats eye opal. After washing the stone, rinse it thoroughly to remove any soapy residue. Chemical cleaners and solutions should not be used since they can damage the surface of the gemstone. When not in use, cats eye opal jewelry should be kept in a soft cloth or a padded storage box.

Heat and extreme temperature changes are the nemesis of cat’s eye opal. When exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures, the stone may crack or discolor. Cats eye opals are not recommended for everyday wear. If you must wear them, it’s best to do so for special events, keeping it in a cool and dry place with mild temperatures when not in use.

Table: Benefits of Cats Eye Opal

| Benefits of Cats Eye Opal |
| 1. Improves mental clarity |
| 2. Boosts self-confidence |
| 3. Enhances creativity |
| 4. Brings peace and calmness |
| 5. Reduces stress and anxiety |

Table: How to Take Care of Cats Eye Opal
| How to Take Care of Cats Eye Opal |
| 1. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean cats eye opal. |
| 2. Rinse the opal well to remove any soap residue. |
| 3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions. |
| 4. Store it in a soft cloth or in a padded storage box when not in use. |
| 5. Keep it cool and dry, away from heat or extreme temperature changes.|

In Conclusion
Cats Eye Opal is a unique and rare gemstone that’s perfect for those who want to make a lasting impression. It’s a great choice for fashion jewelry, as it’s not only glamorous but also carries several health benefits. Keep in mind that it requires special care, but with proper maintenance, your cats eye opal will sparkle with elegance for many years to come.

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