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Neon Apatite

Experience the Enchanting Beauty of Neon Apatite Gemstone

Neon Apatite is a beautiful and captivating gemstone that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike other common gemstones, this gem is not frequently found in commercial jewelry stores. However, its unique and attractive features make it a preferred choice among both men and women. It is a form of Apatite, a group of phosphate minerals that come in an array of dazzling colors, and is also present in the human body, bone mineral, and tooth enamel.

Neon Apatite, distinguished by its electrifying blue hue, is so gorgeous that it leaves everyone mesmerized. Its softness and heat sensitivity make it a versatile gemstone that can be worn in any form, from pendants and bracelets to earrings and rings. The gemstone has a hardness rating of five on a scale of one to ten, highlighting the importance of proper care and maintenance.

The Discovery of Neon Apatite

Neon Apatite was first discovered in the 1980s on the breathtaking island of Madagascar. The heavy mining of Madagascar’s deposits produced copious amounts of the stones, and for a decade they were less expensive. However, since the mining has all but ceased, the demand for Neon Apatite has led to a significant increase in price due to decrease in its supply.

Named by the German geologist, Abraham Gottlon Werner, Apatite originated from apatein, a Greek word that translates to “to deceive or mislead.” The name was inspired by the chameleonic ability of the gemstone that gives it a deceptive appearance of other gemstones such as beryl, topaz, tourmaline, peridot, and aquamarine based on its individual color. Apart from Madagascar, deposits of apatite have also been found in Brazil, Burma, Canada, East Africa, Mexico, Russia, and Sweden.

The Benefits of Neon Apatite

Neon Apatite is not only a beautiful stone to adorn but also offers spiritual, healing, and psychic benefits to the wearer. It is believed to enhance public speaking skills and group communication in individuals who wear it as jewelry or hold it as a natural stone. This gemstone is also said to boost memory, which makes it a popular choice for students preparing for exams or individuals with memory loss.

By increasing the psychic skills of the person wearing it, Neon Apatite allows for better decision-making in important matters. The gemstone also cleanses the aura of the wearer, eliminating any negativity and promoting sound mental health. Placing it close, whether under a pillow or in hand, aids in meditation, creativity and spreads positive vibes around the wearer. Its diversity of purpose and benefits makes it a special gemstone that has unique abilities to heal and harmonize one’s life.

Are you ready to experience the beauty and benefits of Neon Apatite? Choose this gemstone as your preferred jewelry choice and feel the exquisite radiance and goodness emanating from it!

Below is a table that highlights the properties of Neon Apatite:

Properties of Neon Apatite
Color Electric Blue
Crystal System Hexagonal
Refractive Index 1.638-1.640
Specific Gravity 3.16-3.22
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to Opaque
Mineral Class Phosphate
Hardness 5

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