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Peridot: A Gemstone with a Fascinating and Intriguing History

If there is a stone that has a captivating history, it is the peridot. The gemstone, pronounced peri-doe, has been admired for its subtle, yet flair quality for hundreds of years. This green-hued stone displays varying shades of soft green that can change in the light, ranging from an understated lime green to a deep olive green. Some peridot stones have a bit of iron that gives them a yellowish tint, while others have more iron content that results in a browner appearance.

History and Popularity

Peridot is a gemstone that humans have used and appreciated for nearly the dawn of time. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, named it the “gem of the sun.” Superior quality peridot from the Red Sea has been in use for a very long time. Even the ancient Greeks had love and admiration for the stone, as it found its way into many of their valuable jewelry pieces. By the middle ages, peridot had become more accessible, spreading to many parts of Europe. Today, peridot represents the month of August, making it the birthstone that individuals born in August find significant.

Astrology and Physical Benefits

Peridot is believed to possess several physical benefits that make it a popular gemstone among many. One of these benefits comes from peridot’s strong association with the planet Mercury. It is widely believed that peridot can help enhance one’s ability to acquire knowledge while also making it easier to communicate with loved ones. The stone is also associated with several star signs, including Gemini and Virgo.

Peridot is also believed to improve confidence levels in individuals while enhancing their ability to absorb and retain new information. This makes it a favorite stone for students, business professionals, politicians, and public relations experts. Furthermore, the stone has a relaxing effect, which makes it ideal for people dealing with nervous disorders of all kinds. Individuals also find relief from allergies by wearing jewelry made with peridot in their design.

Metals and Style

Peridot is a versatile stone that perfectly complements most styles, making it a favorite for jewelry makers looking for something extraordinary. Jewelry makers go for peridot bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins, and even tiaras. Silver jewelry is an excellent option that pairs well with peridot: the silvery glow of the metal makes it an excellent backdrop that brings out the stone’s full beauty. Gold, on the other hand, brings out the fire present in the stone, resulting in a warm, engaging look.

The peridot gemstone is the perfect accessory for individuals seeking something unique and captivating. Its fascinating history, physical benefits, and complementary design make it a gemstone that has stood the test of time, making it an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.

Physical and Astrological Benefits of Peridot

Physical Benefits Astrological Benefits
  • Helps improve confidence levels in individuals.
  • Improves ability to absorb and retain knowledge.
  • Influences better communication with loved ones.
  • Helps individuals with nervous disorders relax.
  • Relieves allergies.
  • Associated with the planet Mercury.
  • Enhances knowledge acquisition.
  • Improves communication between individuals.
  • Associated with star signs Gemini and Virgo.
  • Represents birthstones for August-born individuals.

Metals Used with Peridot

Metal Type Appearance
Silver A perfect combination with a silvery glow that makes the stone stand out.
Gold Brings out the fire present in the stone, giving it a warm, inviting appearance.

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