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What is a Kashmir Blue Sapphire?

Discover the Prestige and Rare Beauty of the Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Gemstones are definitely a marvel of the earth, combining fascinating physical properties and beauty that radiates in every angle. One of the most coveted and sought-after stones is the Kashmir Blue Sapphire or Kashmiri Neelam. It is considered extremely rare and valuable due to its distinctive vivid blue-hue that exudes royalty-like appeal, making it an exceptional addition to any jewelry collection.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the remarkable natural history of the Kashmir Blue Sapphire, what makes it special, its unrivaled quality, and how it benefits the wearer.

The History of Kashmir Blue Sapphire

The Kashmir Blue Sapphire was first discovered in the 1800s in the Kashmir region of India, within the mystic and transcendent Himalayas. It is said that the rock was found beneath a layer of soil and swiftly gained popularity worldwide due to its rarity, quality, and prestigious blue hue that gives it a unique velvet-like appearance.

The gemstone was heavily mined in the early 19th century, nearly depleting the natural supply. Because of this, the Kashmir Blue Sapphire became even more valuable and progressively more difficult to acquire, making it a precious commodity that accentuates and elevates any jewelry piece’s style and value.

What Makes Kashmir Blue Sapphire Special

The Kashmir Blue Sapphire is deemed as the rarest type of sapphire in the world today. Its stringent evaluation criteria of saturation, tone, and hue give it an unrivaled reputation of upscale quality that cannot be matched by any other in its class.

The exceptional velvety blue hue of the stone reflects and disperses light from every angle, making it an ideal gemstone for jewelry in all manner of styles. Public demand for the Kashmir Blue Sapphire has been steadily increasing throughout the years, especially with those who have a penchant for elegance and sophistication.

High Investment Potential

These gemstones are not only valuable for their unique beauty but also for their significant investment potential. The Kashmir Blue Sapphire is known to be an exceptional investment piece, and its value increases over time.

For instance, Christie’s Auction House sold a Kashmir Blue Sapphire for $7,357,999, which means approximately $209,689 per carat. The rarity, impeccable quality, and unparalleled beauty make it a sound investment that holds its value for many generations.

The Benefits of Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Besides its excellent physical and aesthetic features, the Kashmir Blue Sapphire also holds some reputation in terms of its health benefits. Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology noted that the stone has some healing properties that benefit our mind, body, and soul.

The hypnotic blue hue of the Kashmir Blue Sapphire promotes mental relief, while at the same time enhancing mental fortitude. In ancient times, this gemstone was used in eye-related ailments, and it was also believed to improve a person’s speech impediment. It was also believed to be useful in treating chronic headaches, fevers, and nosebleeds.

In Vedic Astrology, blue sapphires were believed to enhance a person’s good fortune and improve their material wealth while wearing it consistently.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Kashmir Blue Sapphire is a legendary gemstone known for its rarity, mesmerizing blue hue, and top-of-the-line quality. It’s one of the most highly coveted stones worldwide, displaying an unexpected dignified trait to the mix. Investing in the Kashmir Blue Sapphire is a smart move due to its exceptional quality and high investment potential. It will undoubtedly provide ample benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, radiating the energy of royalty and sophistication.

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