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We are a conversion strategy agency

We Believe in serving content when it is desired, not pulling out all stops and burning budgets to interupt your audience. We believe in value of a consumer’s organic journey.
We Know Consumers and more importantly how consumers interact with content. We partner with the industry leaders to gather relevant data which drives our informed brand strategies.
We Create Remarkable brand experiences that resonate with consumers and inspure action at every touch point.

Representative Clients The World’s leading brands and trend-setters

We’re Partners, not VendorsTM

Qumana is an invested partner and we’re an integral part of our client’s digital strategy teams
This is our core operating principle and the main reason behind these success stories:
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BBC America – Doctor Who Shop


BBC America approached BrandWithSEO for assistance in rectifying a number of on-site and off-site SEO issues which were causing the Dr. Who shop to underperform in search engines. The BBC America’s newly launched Dr. Who Shop, was seeing lower than expected organic traffic, resulting in lower engagement, and sales.

Decrease in Rankings
Decrease in Traffic


BrandWithSEO did a thorough analysis, top to bottom, on all the variables surrounding the Dr. Who shop. Older SEO, from older URL’s, had not been properly redirected, and as a result SEO-credit was not properly flowing to the new website. BrandWithSEO corrected this by manually fixing hundreds of product url redirects and category page urls. Content recommendations were made for various products, in addition to implementing proper meta-tags on each page. Internal links were made, enabling both users and search engines to understand semantic product relationships.


After a period of 90-120 days, during which many issues were discovered, and resolved, the Dr. Who Shop started seeing a miraculous recovery, far exceeding it’s original baseline. In addition to a sharp increase in organic traffic, the overall number of page 1 keywords increased. Other important metrics, such as impressions, and — revenue, also sharply increased.

SEO Traffic increased by 181%








phone-com (3)



Phone.com is a recognized leader in VOIP services for businesses of all sizes. They compete against companies such as Verizon, RingCentral, and others, for high value keywords. Due to a number of Google algorithm updates, and low quality SEO vendors, Phone.com’s overall search visibility was substantially reduced. Many pages were not properly optimized, and there were numerous technical errors


BrandWithSEO did a thorough SEO audit, consisting of analysis of over 1000 pages. Numerous on-site technical errors were corrected, and various pages on the website were consolidated. Internal links were created to relevant pages in order to help search engines, and visitors, understand the organizational structure of the website. In addition, over half a million backlinks were removed, that were causing a Google penalty.


After correcting numerous on-site technical errors, removing low quality backlinks, and creating higher quality links, Phone.com noticed an increase of over 20% in monthly organic traffic — compared to pre-SEO campaign monthly numbers. In as little as 30-60 days, Phone.com started ranking on page 1 of keywords such as “Toll Free Numbers,” and many other relevant, qualified, keywords.


Monthly Traffic







Our Core ServicesWe deliver: Measurable Business Results

Digital Strategy Consulting

The #1 reason most campaigns fail is because of poor strategy, or lack thereof. Our team specializes in providing ROI driven digital strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

We've helped brands like the BBC improve monthly SEO traffic by over 200%. Our SEO campaigns focus on keywords that will drive revenue.

Conversion Optimization

We are first, and foremost, a conversion strategy agency. We help you improve leads from all of your marketing funnels, focusing on ROI.

PPC Campaign Management

Using our best practices, we have helped brands improve their overall PPC conversion rate to unheard of percentages.

Content Marketing

We help create high quality content which translates into higher quality visitors, and potential leads and sales.

Digital Branding & UX Strategy

Your brand/UX are elements that greatly impact your conversion rate. We can advise you on best practices, in order to improve your conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing

We create social media campaigns, with ROI and traffic at the center of their campaigns.

Local Listings SEO

Mobile is the leading source of traffic. We help brands understand how to transform this untapped marketing into new revenue.

Reputation Management

Your reputation can deter prospective visitors. We help you understand how your reputation could be reducing your conversion rate.

Alexander Aksenov | Creative Leader

Alexander Aksenov a.k.a. Sasha – is a strategist, a visionary and a hands-on creative leader with 17 years of proven expertise in developing integrated visual branding and communications strategies. Throughout his career Sasha has led brand strategy for some of the world’s leading brands such as Lufthansa, Harley Davidson, NYC Department of Education and many more. A School of Visual Arts alumni and a respected member of elite creative organizations like the Art Director’s Club, Sasha is a classically trained, well-seasoned Creative Director with a 360 degree branding approach that breaks down brand communications on a “molecular” level across digital and traditional space. He’s diligent about business, and a passionate believer in ideas that drive action at every touch point. Sasha is a collaborative, insightful and an inspiring creative leader, who challenges the status quo and guides cross-functional teams to perform far above and beyond expectations. His unique ability to deeply understand business objectives and challenges allows him to recommend impactful creative strategies and translate business needs into creative direction for his many loyal and dedicated team members.

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From the Founders

We focus on brands that set out to inform and enrich the human experience; for healthcare this may mean a patch that sends glucose levels to your watch, for travel - it's a new destination that offers a memorable experience at a price of same old disney land, for education - it's a social network that builds better educators... you get the idea. If your brand has a goal to better the human experience - we will go all in to inform the humans of your brand.

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Maxinder Soni Tech Co-Founder
Alexander Aksenov Creative Co-Founder

Maxinder Soni | Technology Leader

Max Soni is digital strategist, with many years of experience, creating and executing digital strategies. He has helped brands like KIA, VW, generate more traffic, and more conversions. His strength as a digital marketer comes from his extremely pragmatic approach to business. Everything he does, is rooted in analytics and ROI.

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