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Experience the Power of Obsidian Gemstone: A Volcanic Wonder

Gemstones are fascinating creations of nature that have captivated people for centuries. One of the most unique of these stones is obsidian. Comprising the powerful elements of silicon and oxygen, this volcanic miracle has intense energy and is one of the most sought-after stones for protection, meditation, and self-healing.

The Story of Obsidian

The name obsidian comes from a Greek word “ob” which means “fire” and “sides” which means “frozen”. Its etymology aptly describes the powerful energy that this black, glassy stone inhabits. Obsidian is a glassy volcanic rock that is not only difficult to cut or shape but also difficult to polish, making it a unique and rare stone.

Only a small portion of obsidian is formed from lava while the majority is made up of trace amounts of crystals and water. The stone can typically be found in Mexico and other parts of Central and South America, coming in colors ranging from white to black, with the black occurring mainly due to the presence of iron.

The Power of Obsidian

Obsidian has no cleavage and is formed when lava cools quickly. The crystals that make up obsidian grow at the expense of silica. This unique formation creates many cracks that strewn across the stone, making it elastic and not brittle like glass.

Its unique properties make obsidian a perfect stone for use in jewelry or to make knives, arrowheads, and spear tips. The ancient Aztecs were known to use obsidian to create mirrors, while the Mayans used it in the art of divination.

Today, the unique properties of obsidian are still celebrated. This gemstone is known to be a protector against negative energies and influences. It offers protection against physical and mental psychic attacks and helps to balance any imbalances or disharmonies within the aura. Obsidian is a great stone to wear while meditating since it helps to focus the mind.

The Wonders of Variegated Obsidian

There is a type of obsidian, known as variegated obsidian or layer obsidian, which is just as captivating as its black cousin. The unique patterns that make variegated obsidian so mesmerizing are created by gas and impurities escaping from the surface of the lava. The color of the stone ranges from white to brown, but each stone always has a black matrix of at least 5% of the stone’s total weight.

While it can be difficult to work with, variegated obsidian is a valuable material for inlay work. Its complex and sometimes irregular surface and patterns make it perfect for crafting beautiful, unique pieces.

The Power of Obsidian: Experience It Today

With its powerful energy and unique properties, obsidian is a must-have for anyone seeking protection, meditation, and self-healing. Experience the power of obsidian for yourself and discover its powerful properties.

Pros Cons
Powerful energy Difficult to work with
Offers protection against negative energy Not very commonly found
Helps balance disharmony within aura Difficult to polish
Great for use in meditation Can only be used as rough chunk or inlaid into jewelry

Experience the power of obsidian today and discover the world of gemstones like never before!

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