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Tanzania Ruby

Experience the Rarest and Most Precious Stone: Tanzania Ruby

Tanzania Ruby is an exquisite gemstone that has a distinctive deep red-violet color. Mined only in Tanzania, it has recently gained recognition in the international market because of its unique features, such as its color and affordability. This stone has a rich history and is considered an essential part of Tanzanian culture. Here are some fascinating facts about Tanzania Ruby that you should know.

The Origins of Tanzania Ruby

Tanzania Ruby is a rare gem that has been used for centuries in jewelry making. Found in Tanzania, this stone is a variety of corundum, which is the second hardest mineral after diamond. It has a lustrous red color that ranks it as the most valuable gemstone in the world. One exceptional quality of this stone is that it has a high level of hardness, making it perfect for daily use. It can survive wear and tear better than other gemstones, which makes it a sought-after stone for jewelry making.

Why is it named Tanzania Ruby?

The title “Tanzania Ruby” comes from the stone’s origin in Tanzania. Its fascinating history has been a vital part of Tanzanian culture for a long time. The stone’s name is frequently found in publications worldwide, and its value can depend on various factors, such as color and clarity, but it generally is worth more than diamonds.

Characteristics of Tanzania Ruby

To identify a Tanzania ruby, you need to look for specific features. For instance, this stone is dark red with a purple cast that can be noticed in different lights and angles. Tanzanian rubies have a Mohs hardness of 10 to 10.5 and typically exhibit different shapes, such as octahedral, dodecahedral, trigonal, or hexagonal. Another distinguishing feature of the Tanzania Ruby is its size. They usually range from small stones around 0.5 carats to larger ones of over 5 carats.

Colors of Tanzania Ruby

Tanzania Ruby is well-known for its rich and deep red color, which is a result of the presence of chromium in the stone. Some Tanzanian rubies can have a purple cast that gives the stone an intense color. This stone also comes in various shades of pink, classified from pink to mauve, and even towards purple. The most valuable and sought-after of all the Tanzanian rubies is the pure red ruby, which is exceptionally rare.

Different Types of Cuts for Tanzanian Ruby

Tanzanian Ruby comes in a variety of cuts, including:

1. Brilliant Round Cut:
This cut is the most popular and well-known cut for Tanzanian Rubies. It creates symmetry with its 58 facets that shine a light through the stone at every angle.

2. Emerald Cut:
This cut has a rectangular shape with a pointed bottom, resembling the stone it’s named after. It has 57 facets and is an excellent option for those looking for a more vintage appeal.

3. Oval Cut:
With its 58 facets, the oval-shaped Tanzanian Ruby cut is less popular than the brilliant round cut – come to think of it, it lacks the precision and symmetry that the brilliant cut has.

4. Pear Shape Cut:
This cut is teardrop-shaped and is typically composed of 59 to 60 facets, depending on how deep the stone is cut. It is an ideal option for engagement rings.

5. Cabochon Cut:
This cut has a single facet protruding from the top of the stone, giving it an excellent polished appearance.

6. Pleur-Faceted Oval Cabochon Cut:
This cut has three facets on each side of the stone to reflect light in different directions, making it a perfect cut for unique jewelry.

Benefits of Owning a Tanzania Ruby

Tanzania Ruby is an excellent choice for those who appreciate precious gemstones. It has various benefits, such as its exquisite beauty, durability, and affordability. This stone has a unique rich color and is a perfect addition to any collection because of its scarcity of supply. Owning a Tanzanian Ruby is truly experiencing the luxury of a rare gemstone that carries a rich history.

In Conclusion

Tanzania Ruby is an exquisite gemstone that is popular worldwide because of its unique qualities. Its rich color and luster make it one of the most sought after stones in the world. Its value is incomparable and continues to appreciate over time due to its rarity and magnificent beauty. Owning a Tanzanian Ruby is a luxurious experience that cannot be expressed in words.

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